Experts in Integrity

Christon Company is a Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management, Leasing and Development company located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. With more than 40 years of experience on all sides of the business, our team members have the experience and know-how to create superior results. Discover the difference that exacting standards, unquestionable integrity & first-class service can make in your next project. 

Christon Company is a respected real estate brokerage and development company.

Our company has prospered on the basis of our knowledge of the real estate business, our integrity and limitless creativity. Our business relationships are based on trust and open dealings, and we deliver on our promises, constantly striving to exceed our clients' expectations.

At Christon Company, we operate on some very basic principles. . . principles that have served us and the communities we do business in very well. . .

Value-added Service

Deliver value every day. Exceed our clients’ expectations by maintaining standards of value-added services well above the norm in our industry. Seek not only to achieve what is asked of us, but provide more than is expected.


Pursue excellence in all of our professional endeavors.

Client Service

We will embrace the objectives of our clients, and dedicate ourselves to the achievement of their goals.


We will not compromise our individual or corporate integrity for any reason.